About the Agency and Agency History

iStock_000012035662LargeSpeaking From the Heart, Inc. was founded in March of 2003 by Speech and Language Pathologist Candace Haftl. Candace has been a provider of early intervention services since 1998.

Beginning as a Speech Therapy only agency, Speaking From the Heart now provides Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy as well as Special Instruction services to several hundred birth to three year olds and their families, in the Southeast region of Pennsylvania.

Core Values:

The core values expressed by Speaking From The Heart, come from just that, HEART:

H:  Help:  Helping  individuals and their families who are in need of quality services.

E:  Education:  Educate child, family, and caregivers to the child’s needs and appropriate strategies.

A:  Action:  Activate the proper channels so that services can be initiated and performed at the highest levels of proficiency.

R:  Respect:  Respect each individual encountered:  client, family, caregiver, and other team members.

T:  Training:  Therapists and Educators maintain the highest levels of training to best serve the clients, families, caregivers, and other team members.