Chester County Early Intervention

Early intervention in Chester County

We’re learning in the bathroom!

Let’s learn Approaches to Learning through Song: Using a song, describe the different body parts as you wash your child. For example, sing to him that you are washing his ten toes, first his big toes, all the way to his little toes. Then move to his left foot, and his left leg, and so on. Or create a routine singing head, shoulders, knees and toes or saying “this little piggy.” (Social & Emotional Development)
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Let’s learn Scientific Thinking: Use a small bit of shaving cream to make shapes in the tub. If your child is hesitant to touch the shaving cream have her use a paintbrush. How many different surfaces will the shaving cream stick to? What happens when it gets wet? What happens when she blows on it? If your child is overwhelmed with open-ended questions, simplify by asking yes/no questions. Will the shaving cream stick to the tile? Will the shaving cream stick to the shower curtain? read more!

Let’s learn Mathematic Thinking & Expression: Help your child to find different shapes in the bathroom. Can he find something that is round, square or rectangle? What shape is the bar of soap, or the top of the shampoo bottle? …  read more!

Let’s learn Scientific Thinking & Creative Thinking: Use a plastic container (one that can float) as a “boat” and have your child slowly add other items, like toy cars, Legos, or other water-friendly toys, until the “boat” begins to sink. How many can she add until it begins to sink? What happens to the “boat” if she takes items out of it? Ask her to tell you a story about where the boat is going, or why the objects are on the boat….read more!


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