Special Instruction Services

iStock_000014900767LargeSpecial Instruction Services are provided by a Special Instructor.  All our providers of Special Instruction are qualified by holding a minimum of  either:  1) Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Early Childhood Special Education, Early Intervention, Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Special Education, or Family Studies.  2)  Bachelor’s Degree with 15 hours of coursework in any of the previously mentioned areas of study under #1.  In addition, they must have a minimum of 1-year experience working directly with preschool children with disabilities. They also receive a minimum of twenty four hours of continuing education on a yearly basis.

The Special Instructor provides support toward enhancing the cognitive and play skills of the child.  This includes the learning of early cognitive skills (i.e., imitating, sorting, matching, vocabulary development), increasing attention span, appropriate cooperative behavior with others (i.e., parallel play, imitating, turn-taking), and development of exploration and proper use of toys.  Teaching of appropriate behaviors, self-helping, and appropriate reactions to the child’s surrounding are also addressed.